Activate your chakras

I lead very positively received meditations of about 2 hours in length, which release old thought and emotional blockages from each chakra and associated auric layer, then bring in positive affirmation to ‘fill the void’.  We conclude with a shower of light as we build our energy fields and then beam this out to the community.  It’s exciting the levels we achieve together in group.

Journey to the temples of the 7 flames

The next step is to bring in the light of the seven rays, or flames from the etheric temples scattered around the planet.  This led-meditation taps higher levels of consciousness as we journey through temples of light, purifying, transforming, regenerating our energy fields and healing vast tracts of the past, enabling as well the present and a brighter future.  Brillian subtle work.

Journey to the outer temples and realms

This third and final program works on swathes of past life stuff, explains the temples in more detail and works with angelic beings and the temples of Shambhala.

Artistic Workshops given to date:

Wow, things are really happening quickly Here and Now!  Just back from another UK trip.  After having been through Glastonbury, Sedona, Shasta in just weeks I’ve taken Chakra activation to the next step: Journeys through the Temples of the Seven Flames.  Manchester, England August 2012.  Very well received, along with a mandala workshop.

Isle of Man, Manchester, and Glastonbury, England June 2012.  Chakra activation with the Ashtanga yoga festival and further work with community yoga groups.  Extremely well-received.  2 hour programs

Glastonbury, England August 2011.  Basic mandala drawing and Chakra activation with the Ashtanga yoga festival.  1 hour programs

Limerick, Ireland, June 2011.  Basic mandala drawing and Chakra activation with the Ashtanga yoga festival.  1 hour programs

Glastonbury, England August 2010.  Basic mandala drawing and Chakra activation with the Ashtanga yoga festival.  1 hour programs

Dublin, Ireland June 2010.  Intermediate mandala drawing and Chakra activation with Cultivate, at Fitzwilliam green.  1 hour programs

Dublin, Ireland January 2010.  Basic mandala drawing and Chakra activation at Cultivate. 1 hour programs.

Ceske Budejovice, Czech October 2009  to Jan 2010.  Chakra activation and auric clearing, bi-weekly course at Bio Beruska.


Portland August 2009  Chakra activation and auric clearing– 4 hour lecture at Crystal Temple.


Denver July 2009  Chakra activation and auric clearing– 4 hour lecture at Shining Lotus


Dublin, Ireland April 2009 Sacred geometry – 6 hour workshop, Cultivate center.


Vancouver BC, August 2008  Sacred Geometry – 6 hour workshop, Awakening Heart in White Rock.


San Diego, August 2008 Sacred Geometry of the 5-pointed star – 2 hour lecture at Starcrafts


Los Angeles, August 2008   Book signing at the Bodhi Tree bookstore.


August 2006 Cornwall, England, Introductory Mandala drawing


July 2005 Denver, Colorado, Creating Sacred Geometry


Summer 2003 Southern Czech, Mandala classes


August 2000 Denver, Colorado, How to draw a Mandala.


May 2000 Denver, Colorado, Sacred Geometry.  Cooperative with Francene Hart.


I give classes to help people deepen themselves, find quiet, and improve their usage of color and form in their lives.  This has dramatically evolved into activating the chakras and clearing associated auric fields to enable a more dynamic life!  Chakra activation is a method for reaching higher planes of consciousness.  We ground, let go of negative memories/emotions, breathe into will, give and receive unconditional love, open perception and communiction, and connect to the Higher Conscousness.

Here we create and work with Mandalas, study number and come to understand harmonic patterns of 3-6-12, 4-8-16, and 5-10-20.  We see each of these in our world, in historic archetypes, and in the chakras.  It is found in the micro of the atom, and the macro of the universe.  It is how energy flows, in the physical, sound and all forms of light.  Many people go to alternative healers Today.   I suggest that such work might be considered intuitive, and hence; right brained.  But math for healing?  It appears that this work opens the left hemisphere and enables both sides of the brain to become engaged in curative processes!

Esoteric Workshops:  Three to choose from

We can learn fundamental steps in creating and understanding Mandalas and well-known mystical symbols;  receive the tools with which to begin our own new symbolism, or recreate the old; and expand our mind and consciousness beyond two or even three dimensions.   We can work with sound, light, smell, and form to charge out chakras and clear each auric layer.  We can meet people with which new friendships might form as we develop the circle around our selves.

Option 1 Chakra activation and Auric cleansing, given in two hours as an intensive meditation on releasing old energetic forms and a personal and community energy charging!   The participant is welcome and encouraged to then purchase my book on Exploring Sacred Geometry, and booklet on the meditation itself, as guides for developing understanding and helping the Self.

Option 2 Sacred Geometry, Five – 2 hour segments including:

Opening Meditation, Flower of Life, basic Mandala, color

Advanced Mandala

3D shapes, Star of Solomon, Merkaba, Qabbalah

Phi, Spirals, Yin/Yang, Triskellon, Svastika and 5-pt. star

“The masters”: Stonehenge, Pyramids, Da Vinci,  Atlantis

Brief Reflection: Our-selves as an expression of Mandala.

Option 3 Chakra activation and Auric Cleansing, a more in depth look through eight or nine – approximately 2 hour segments. This one is great if we can allow for a once-per-week meeting with time to digest and draw between each session.  It can also be part of a two to three day weekend.

The circle, and first chakra

Divide the circle by 6, color wheel, and second chakra

3-6-12 harmonics and archetypes of 12

4-8-16 harmonics, archetypes of 16 and symbols

5-10-20 harmonics, phi, and the third chakra

3D, and the fourth chakra

stellations, and thefifth chakra

7 and 9, and the sixth chakra

the seventh chakra, and final complete meditation

Participants are asked to bring compass, protractor, scissors and colored pens/pencils or water colors and drawing tablet or paper, comfortable clothes and meditation pillow.

For more information on the book, workshops or creative ideas with Math, and the Golden Mean, please contact me at .


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  1. Hello could I use some of the information from this post if I link back to you?

    • Paul Stang says:

      Hello Christopher and thanks for asking. It’s probably not a problem but I’d like to know more specifics of what material you want and for what purpose.


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